Frequently Asked Questions


What Cable Will I Need For My HNTenna?


If you purchased the indoor antenna, you will not need an additional cable to connect the antenna to the miner. The indoor antenna was designed to be directly connected to your miner and comes with an RP SMA Right Angle adapter.

If you purchased the outdoor antenna, you will need a coaxial jumper to connect the antenna to the miner. One end of the jumper will need an N Male connector to attach to the antenna and the other end will need an RP SMA Male connector to attach to the miner. LMR400 coax is recommended. Try and keep your coax as short as possible!

USA Coax has a very quick and easy page to order these jumpers from: https://usacoax.com/custom/custom-helium-lmr-400uf-ultraflex-cable-build-530.html


Do I need a Lightning Arrestor for my HNTenna?


Yes. It is highly recommended to install a lightning arrestor with any outdoor antenna - including the HNTenna. If your antenna is indoors (in an attic or the indoor HNTenna) you do not need to install a lightning arrestor.


When Will My HNTenna Ship?


All orders will ship within 5-7 business days from when they are received. Even if you have selected overnight shipping, the antenna will not ship for 5-7 business days or less. There is a 5-7 day lead time because we build every antenna from scratch at our facility in Elyria, Ohio. Every antenna is tested for QA before it is shipped to you.


Will the HNTenna make my miner more HNT?


We do not guarantee that using any third party antenna, including our HNTenna, will have a positive or negative effect on a miner's earnings. Every hotspot deployment has their own unique challenges that the user will need to identify and help alleviate. Using the Helium community tools like Helium Discord, HotSpotRF, and Helium Explorer will help a user gain reasonable expectations for their miner and antenna selection. HNTenna's utilize patented multi polarized RF elements that are excellent with combating congested RF environments and multipath interference.